Catholic Town Rosary Necklace 8mm Indian Agate Beads with Miraculous Medal center piece and metal Crucifix cross ( ROSJST-IA )

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Discover the beauty and spiritual significance of the Catholic Town Rosary Necklace. Made with 8mm Indian Agate Beads, this necklace features a Miraculous Medal center piece and metal Crucifix cross. Experience the calming and grounding properties of Indian Agate while honoring your faith.

  •  Beautiful 8mm round Indian Agate beads.
  •  Stainless 2.0" cross made of zinc and coated with silver, preventing corrosion, ensure durability for years.
  •  Miraculous centerpiece medal and chain made of zinc alloy with silver ox plating.
  •  Spiritual jewelry designed and derived from Jerusalem holy land, worn as a necklace makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, birthday, confirmation, first communion, baptism, and a perfect gift for friends or family members.
  • Total size: 24" / 61cm 
  • Cross length 2" / 45mm 
  • Beads: 8mm

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